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April 2014-

The generosity of supporters of the
Friends of Seniors, Inc. - Medfield has allowed us to contribute  $10,000 to help the Medfield Council on Aging purchase a new bus for The Center.

Thank you.

The following is a partial list of FOSI contributors:




Ruth E. Bridge, Earl Alexander, Pat Zimmer, Howard J. Scott, Phyllis McGuinness, Carl & Fran Mellea, Christa Fein, James & Barbara O'Malley, Bill & Anne Johnson, Edith O'Toole for the new bus, Robert & Rose, Marie Farrell in memory of Robert McCarthy, Mickey Doak in memory of Jerry Doak, Margaret Mack in memory of Dennis Mack and to the following contributors who gave a donation in memory of Anita Daniels: Bill & Anne Johnson, Mary Downing, Marsha Downing Devir, Mary Persyk & Ken Cook, Shirley J. Kowalik



Medfield Lions Club, Rita McGee, Donna Collins, Jeanne Flynn, Suzanne Munroe, Elizabeth Weaver, Anna Floser, Kay Regan Helen LaCroix in memory of Edward, Catherine Laakso in memory of Roger, and to the following contributors who gave a donation in memory of Anita Daniels: Kathleen Mueller, William & Elizabeth Mann, Mildred Kneer, Charlotte Swaffield, Pete & Marge Vasaturo, Blandine Brais, Sudhakar & Sujata Welankiwar, Suzanne Munroe, Philip Burr & June Doucette-Burr, Betty Gates, Eileen Alley and to the following contributors who gave a donation in memory of Louise Rabbette: Bill Capen, Richard & Anita Thornton, Domenic & Elizabeth DiCicco



Herb & Barbara Grace, Kay Regan, Kay Regan in memory of Jim Regan & Paul Halloran, Sudhakar & Sujata Welankiwar in memory of Robert Bond, Seymour & Brenda Levy, Mildred Kneer, Mildred Kneer in memory of William Kneer, David & Barbara Foulsham in memory of Robert & Margaret Foulsham, Mary Chouinard, Chris & Patricia Latimer in memory of Anita Daniels, Debbie Sherraden in honor of Edie O'Toole, Ralph Parmigiane, Karl Schwartz, Robert Vollmuth, Marlyn Davis (Davidowski),



Theresa Cos, Norma Barr, Hong Lê-Bruno in memory of grandma Louise Rabbette, Carol Rossi in memory of Francis, Mary O'Brien, Geraldine Colella, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCarthy, Joan Larkin in memory of Allan


Bob & Carol Yeager, Theresa Cos, Walter Shackley in memory of Helen, Norman, Nancy Kash, Ruth Chick in memory of Marshall, Mildred Kneer, Carol Wright, Edith Garvey, Anne Lynch



Phil Burr & June Doucette, Dorothy Mc Carthy, Al & Anita Wing, Judith Dorgan, Mildred Kneer, Thomas Lyall, Beth Weaver in memory of Ellen Hill (Jack Hill), Ruth Beswick in memory of friends and family, Hong Lê-Bruno In honor of Ed Doherty, William (Bill) Breed



New N Towne Club, Robert Heald, John & Vivian McCoole, Earl Alexander


JULY 2013

Albert Menard in memory of Menard Family, Jim & Betty Patterson, Dennis Anderson, William & Elizabeth Mann in memory of Bill Reagan (Genevieve), Bill & Dot Rowean, Ruth Desorgher in memory of Nancy Kashalena, David & Barbara Foulsham


JUNE 2013

Care Resolutions, Medfield Firefighters, Craig & Lucille Grochmal, David & Barbara Foulsham in memory of Mom & Aunt Alice, Mary Downing in memory of Barbara Gallerani, Theresa Cos in memory of Grant, Lyman Morrill, Christa Fein, Dave & Diane Gately in memory of Boston Marathoners, Robert Heald, Neil & Eileen Duross, Anne Lynch, Ruth Desorgher in memory of Lee


MAY 2013

Eva Potts, Lucy & Charles Tannler, Ralph Parmigiane, Frances Wheat, Ming Tran, Joan & Lou Fellini, Joan Willgohs & Kathleen Lively, Carmela Bergman in memory of Bob Smith, Frances Caban, Ruth Desorgher, Louise Murphy, Nstar


APRIL 2013

Patricia Latimer, Barbara Stephens, Karl & Linda Schwartz, Donna Comeau, Barbara Houshman, Blandine Brais, Carl & Frances Mellea, Bob & Carol, Thompson, Perry & Athena Constas, Robert Ness, Earl Alexander, Diane Lovell In memory of Eugene, Beverly Bennotti in memory of Peter, Hong & William Lê-Bruno in memory of Peter Kenny, Walter Shackley in memory of Helen (Sis) Shackley in memory of Norman H. Shackley in memory of Nancy Kashalena in memory of Big Mike Flynn in memory of Harry Mitchell


MARCH 2013

Pat Zimmer, Mary Downing, H Louise Murphy, Marlyn Davidowski, Anonymous Cash donation through the auction, Mary Gillis, Mary Gillis in memory of Charles Grover, Ruth Beswick, Clark & Lorraine Holland, Jane Timmerman, Thomas Lyall in memory of Bridget


Giovanna D'Angelo, Joy Iofolla, Grace & Dick McCurry, Phyllis McGuinness, Dorothy McCarthy, Robert McCarthy, Kathleen Regan, John McGowan, Louise Murphy, Peter & Natalie Bosse, Gerard & Nancy Placido, Barbara Matthews, Robert Vollmuth, Herbert & Joanne Peterson, Hannah Adams Club



Edie O'Toole, Mary O'Brien, Mary Fagen, Susan Burrill & Sam Pulcrano. Mildred Kneer, John & Michelle Linnert, Bob Fedor in memory of Ester Ahern, Cathy Laakso in memory of Roger, Frances Caban, John Dimock, Al Smith, Norma Barr, Len & Beverly Haigh in memory of Nancy Kashalena, Carole Rossi in memory of Francis, Anne & Bill Johnson

Your Donation will make a difference!

We hope to soon have the ability to accept your donations via Credit cards.

FOSI depends on continued support from people like you.  If you can give us a few hours of your time or a donation it will be greatly appreciated.  Email FOSI at or call The Center at 508-359-2665. 




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