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Community Building

We all remember the sense of a small town community that existed long ago, when people felt more interdependent. With some thought and effort, we can help our community (and the world) at little actual cost to our pocketbooks. Some ideas along this line are given below.

Recycle Books
A collection bin for is located at the Medfield Transfer Station.
A collection bin for books is also located at the entrance to the Shaws Parking lot.

Medfield Food Cupboard
The Food Cupboard welcomes purchased non-perishable goods; there is a collection bin in Shaws Supermarket. The Medfield Food Cupboard is housed at the United Church of Christ in Medfield.

Boxtops for Education
Boxtops for Education are found on General Mills, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziplock, Scott/Kleenex and numerous other products. Each Boxtop symbol is worth 10 cents to the school, up to $20,000 per year. More information on this program is found at In Medfield, the Dale Street School, 45 Adams Street, collects Boxtops and uses the money for library purchases.
If you choose not to give Boxtops directly to the school or to family/neighborhood children to take in, you can give them to Judy Lorantos at The Center, and they will be turned in to Dale Street School. Happy reading to the children. 

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle - words to live by! Share what you can with your community.

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