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Wish List

COA & FOSI Wish List for The Center at Medfield

Items Currently Sought or Planned by the COA


Garage, 3-bay with storage

Overhead cover for patio area behind Center

Irrigation system for plantings

Benches for flagpole/commemoration area

Outdoor lounge chairs


Surge protectors & UPS Battery back-up

Security system w/ surveillance cameras

Solar panels & emergency generator



Replacement sound system for Great Room

Refinish Great Room floor

Television, movable w/ laptop connectivity

Add electrical outlets in Library


Items Already Provided by FOSI Through Contributions

New 12 passenger bus - 2014

Health/Exam Room build-out

Storage shed                          

Snow blower  

Power washer 

Bocce court


Flagpole/commemoration area

Canopy, 10’ x 10’

Kitchen cabinets

Center electrical work

Panels for counter

Icemaker for refrigerator

Automatic coffee maker & coffee                             

Hot dog roller

Round tables  

Rectangular tables

Display cabinet

Four channel wireless microphone  

Wi-Fi Router


Wii Game console

Reworked office doors

Exercise programs

Mail box

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