FOSI - Friends Of Medfield Seniors, Inc.


FOSI – Friends of Seniors, Inc. – Medfield


The purpose of the Friends Of Seniors, Inc. – Medfield (FOSI), is to raise funds for programs, activities and equipment to be used to promote and perpetuate the dignity and well-being of the Senior Citizens of the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts.


In 1979 when FOSI began, a suggested donation of $2.00 per year was asked of Medfield's seniors to help defray the costs of taxi service for medical appointments. Today, FOSI works with the Medfield Council on Aging (COA) to help provide a wide assortment of services to the town’s elderly. These services are provided through generous support of individuals, businesses and other charitable organizations.


Around 2001, the COA concluded that a new facility was needed to adequately service the town’s elder population. This was to replace the single room in the town’s antique recreation facility which had been converted from an old schoolhouse. Medfield, with a population then of about 11,000 people and a senior population of more than 1200 needed a larger and more appropriate space to safely provide basic services for its senior citizens.


In January, 2008 the COA opened a beautiful new senior/adult community center named The Center at Medfield. Final funding approval followed several cost-cutting votes at town meetings resulting in the lack of some basic, essential equipment at the facility.


Consequently, FOSI still needs to raise funds. The “Medfield COA/FOSI Wish List” identifies some of the items that are still needed or would be very useful at The Center. FOSI additionally continues to assist with providing funds to help with normal operating costs for The Center and maintains a cash reserve for unexpected needs.


Furthermore, it is the intention of FOSI to extend its scope of providing support to Medfield seniors who have been identified by the COA as lacking the resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle due to fiscal constraints and require assistance beyond those services normally provided at The Center.

 FOSI receives no financial aid from the town of Medfield, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or from any other government agency. Our only source of revenue is through donations. We sponsor various fundraising events such as yard sales, dances and bake sales. For these events, we receive free publicity from local newspapers and support from local merchants. We have no dues or fees. Our members are all volunteers who receive no salaries, pay or other compensation. Fully 100% of contributions are used to benefit our seniors.

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